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While modern universities often perform more diversified and even contradictory functions (Castells, 2001) due to their particularistic circumstances and implicit pressures from a variety of sources (Castells, 2001), the fundamentality of teaching and research remains uncompromised among several universities worldwide. Ghanaian universities have equally not departed from this time-honored academic tradition of teaching and research. The University of Energy and Natural Resources is not an exception. The university has, over the years witnessed some tremendous growth in the areas of increased student population, infrastructure and overall research output. The study highlighted the novelty in engaging students in the school of Graduate Studies in the UENR to augment the inadequate lecturer strength in the university as well as assessed some of the major benefits that can be attained as a result. The study suggested that some of the graduate students be allowed to assist permanent lecturers in teaching their undergraduate courses as research and teaching assistants.

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Ankrah, D. T. (2018). Engaging Postgraduate Students as Research/Teaching Assistants: Mutually Beneficial. Journal of Energy and Natural Resource Management (JENRM), 4(3).